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Look on this page for TV reviews.

We are sorry about the selection of shows. This page is being heavily modified and will be available soon.



  1. Who Wants to be a Millionaire

  2. Wheel of Fortune

  3. ER

  4. Third Watch

  5. DAG

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

**** Pretty good. 10 players compete to get to answer questions with the host Regis Phillbin. They eventually make they're way the the million dollar question.

Channel 7 (on regular TV, not cable) ABC

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Wheel of Fortune

*** Pretty good. A game show where three players take turns spinning a wheel. They then guess letters for a phrase. They get money for each consonant but have to buy vowel.

Channel 7 (regular TV) ABC

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****1/2 An excellent emergency room drama. Sometimes it can show small clips of fake innards, but doesn't focus on the actual medical casses. More about the people who work there.
Channel 7 (regular TV) ABC
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Third Watch

**** Police drama. Pretty good.


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* Horrible. A make off of JAG. Not very funny.

Starring David Allen Greer


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