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Public School Teachers Rate The Top Disciplinary Problems

  Almost all of the experts on psychiatry believe that low self esteem and all related to it happen most often during puberty. In Australia it is the second highest cause of death from ages 15-24. Suicide is also on the table to the right as a top disciplinary problem in 1990.

1940 1990
  Talking out of turn   Drug abuse
  Chewing gum   Alcohol abuse
  Making noise   Pregnancy
  Running in the hall   Suicide
  Cutting in line   Rape
  Dress code violations   Robbery
  Littering   Assault

Many more people attempt suicide than completed suicide. Attempts in the past of suicide increase the likelihood of that person completing suicides.

Most suicides are well planned courses of action, showing the teen really wanted to commit suicide

Suicide rates have tripled since 1960.


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