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    I think to solve the problem of low self esteem we should focus our attention on prevention.

General Prevention

  1. (parents) Keep teens out of physical danger.

  2. (parents) Talk about drugs and their bad effect.

  3. (parents) Be caring but not over protective.

If we find our teens still with low self-esteem than the parents should:

  1. Try to get teens involved in social activities such as sports, community projects, and church groups.

  2. Watch for warning signs of depression and suicide.

  3. And if all else fails, contact a counselor or physiatrist.

    Even though these are good things to do for a teen, most of it is up to him or her. Parents should give them the opportunity and guide them gently, but not over protectively.


   When I researched my topic of self esteem, I was amazed to find that it was a serious problem in society today. I had heard of Columbine, of course, but I didn't know that the suicide rate in teens has tripled since 1960. I was also amazed at the table I found (suicide page) about disciplinary problems in school. I think more should be done to save low self esteemed teens.